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Create, customise and publish data forms for all your operational needs, in minutes

DocuNet Forms

DocuNet Forms is an intuitive, easily integrated, electronic smart forms platform, designed to put airline personnel in control of easy data collection.

Create and publish forms almost instantly for use across your operation, with no technical experience required.

With advanced drag and drop functionality, you have total control of the forms, providing complete autonomy in the way you design, distribute and manage your resources.

DocuNet Forms is able to replicate data collection processes in your organisation, whether currently conducted on paper or digitally, but will also bring additional benefits to streamline your airline operation.

Seamlessly linked with DocuNet viewers, forms are accessible on any platform, online and offline,  on either a PC, Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices.



Accessible anywhere

DocuNet forms allows end-users to view, complete and submit forms anywhere, at any time via DocuNet online viewers or via our mobile applications (either online or offline).


Easy to build

Simple, user-friendly builder tool lets you visually design comprehensive forms using drag and drop functionality including checklists, drop-downs, e-signatures, surveys and the option to take and attach media files from mobile devices. They can be as simple
or complex as you need them to be, with an almost limitless number of functions.

DocuNet Forms also supports branching logic and conditional sections, making sure the forms only show relevant questions. Automatic PDF generation creates a version of your form that can be printed.

Simple to manage

Forms are published to your Document Library, allowing you to assign and manage them in the same way as you do your documents. For easy organisation of your forms, you can group them into collections for fast reference, such as “Flight Operations Forms”, “HR Forms” and “Field Inspections.”


Intelligent data collection

Not only does DocuNet Forms provide a paperless forms solution to reduce your costs and staff workload, it is also a centralised repository, allowing you to easily monitor, evaluate and report on the data you gather. The data is captured and stored in JSON format, which allows you to quickly and precisely extract key information from all of the existing submitted form data.

Key Benefits

Customisable forms and email logic
Available both online and offline on all platforms
Intuitive visual form builder
Worldwide access to forms
Attachments, file uploads and pictures
E-Signatures for single or multiple sign-ons

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