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How Vistair is Addressing Covid-19

17 Mar 2020
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From the team here at Vistair

We understand this is a difficult and unsettling time as the world confronts the threat of COVID-19. With partners around the globe, Vistair is committed to the priority of our employees’ safety, as well as ensuring the continuous delivery of service to our partners in the aviation industry. To stay on top of the situation, we are following advice from the World Health Organization (WHO), the European CDC, and other sources of data.

We are assessing our systems to ensure essential functions are equipped to change business operations as and if needed to support customer requirements. We will continue to monitor and manage this situation for any potential risks of disruption, we will take any required actions and provide additional communication to our customers as necessary.

At Vistair, we are doing all we can to be a solution provider that operates in the most efficient way for this unprecedented time in the industry.

As a document, safety and quality management solutions provider, we’re always working around the clock to ensure our customers have what they need to ensure the smooth operation of their airline.

Now more than ever we know that our service and technology is of critical importance as our airline partners across the globe ensure they remain compliant and efficient throughout their operation, during the uncertainties that may lie ahead.

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