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Vistair helps Air Iceland boost safety oversight capabilities

6 Feb 2017
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Commercial airline renews with SafetyNet and adds QualityNet and RiskNet

Leading regional commercial airline Air Iceland has renewed and expanded its licence to use Vistair’s world-class safety, compliance and risk-management software solutions.

The airline, headquartered in Reykjavik, operates scheduled services to domestic destinations across Iceland and to Greenland and the Faroe Islands and was an early adopter of Vistair’s safety reporting and management system, SafetyNet.

With confidentiality, transparency and feedback designed into its core SafetyNet has proven itself to be an essential solution for enabling airlines to embed Just Culture into their operations.

Now, in addition to signing a new licence agreement to use the latest “Enterprise” version of SafetyNet, Air Iceland has also taken on Vistair’s QualityNet and RiskNet software solutions, giving the airline better than ever oversight of its safety management operations.

QualityNet works seamlessly with SafetyNet providing airlines with comprehensive auditing and compliance capabilities.

Working with the software audit managers can create management reports and trend analysis faster and more efficiently than ever.

Delivering real-time hazard identification capabilities, RiskNet works in tandem with SafetyNet and QualityNet to provide the complete safety management system (SMS).

Sharon Kerr, Quality & Safety Manager at Air Iceland, said: “The obvious reason for our long-lasting partnership with Vistair is because, quite simply, they provide us with the very best safety management tools available which keep us both safe and compliant with the regulatory authorities.

“However, just as important is the level of customer support the company delivers, and over the years we have developed enormous mutual respect.

“It’s extremely important for us to know exactly what is happening throughout our organisation and Vistair’s solutions provide us with that all-important real-time oversight.”

She added: “The highest accolade an outsourced resource can receive is that its client feels they are part of the team, and that is exactly how we feel about Vistair – we even refer to them as the ‘Vistair Department’!”

Ian Herbert is CEO of Vistair, which has a global team of aviation experts with hands-on experience of working with the world’s leading commercial airlines.

He said: “As one of the first ever airlines to deploy SafetyNet into its fleet we are naturally extremely pleased that Air Iceland has stayed with us for so many years, and even more thrilled that the airline has expanded its licence to also take on board QualityNet and RiskNet.

“We are confident that our solutions are not only among the highest performing software on the market, but are actually the best globally, delivering world-class levels of safety management and compliance to commercial airlines in every continent.”

Vistair Notes:

  • Vistair provides ‘world class aviation technology’ through the provision of innovative document and safety management solutions that enable aviation customers to reach world class levels of safety, compliance and efficiency.
  • Vistair provides world class aviation solutions that increase airline efficiency through a reduction in costs on a range of elements including insurance, accidents and accident management, flight operations and airline servicing.
  • Vistair currently supplies over 10% of the world’s top commercial airlines including including Aer Lingus, Air Asia, British Airways, easyjet, Delta, DHL, and Qantas.
  • Vistair’s DocuNet solution is currently used by over 40 airlines worldwide with over 2,000 manuals under management. It is the aviation industry’s leading solution for operational documentation.
  • The Safety Management System (‘SMS’) suite, comprising Safety Net, Risk Net, Quality Net, is currently deployed by the world’s largest airline and counts the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force amongst its global user base.
  • For further information about Vistair’s aviation solutions contact sales@vistair.com

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