Vistair Launches EFB Fleet Management Service

5 Mar 2015
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New service aimed at flight departments either taking first steps towards paperless operations or looking for deployment options

EFB Fleet Management “removes IT headaches whilst retaining benefits of paperless”, according to MD Ian Herbert

As commercial airlines’ use of EFBs (electronic flight bags) increases, moving the industry ever closer to paperless flight decks, the need for fully functioning and updated hardware to replace paper-based manuals becomes greater than ever.

However, along with the benefits EFBs undoubtedly bring come significant logistical challenges for airlines and their IT departments.

To meet these challenges leading supplier to the sector, Vistair Systems, has launched a unique new service aimed at flight operations departments that are either taking their first steps into EFB or looking for effective deployment options.

Based at London Heathrow, Vistair’s Global Flight Deck Logistics service is already a recognised industry leader in providing airlines with technical and navigational manuals, operating as an international hub for storing, amending and managing manuals.

Building on those decades of experience managing content and assets directly onto airlines’ flight decks, Global Flight Deck Logistics now offers an EFB Fleet Management service to meet all EFB requirements, from content software through to maintenance of handheld devices.

Ian Herbert, managing director at Vistair Systems, explained that whilst the rise and growing dominance of EFB technology offers huge efficiency in the management of content and documentation to the flight deck, it also created new challenges, not least when it comes to compliance.

“Regulators’ reliability requirements for EFBs mean airlines must have several devices on board and be able to demonstrate they are maintained and kept in an up to date serviceable state,” he said.

“Our EFB Fleet Management service is a simple way to remove the headache of managing hardware fulfilment and maintenance whilst retaining all the benefits of paperless flight decks.”

Vistair’s solution is fully functional and compliant, covering both iOS and Windows platforms, combining procurement, configuration, logistics and management into one seamless package.

Utilising its supply agreements with the main suppliers of popular EFB tablet devices – iPad, Panasonic Toughbook/Toughpad and Microsoft Surface 3 – Vistair can either supply these directly on its pre-negotiated commercial terms or else work alongside airlines’ procurement departments to leverage any commercial arrangements they might have.

“Unlike in-house implementation that typically requires costly and potentially risky new processes and procedures our solution instead offers a utility approach that is both commercially cost-effective and regulator compliant,” continued Ian Herbert.

“For years Vistair’s Flight Deck Logistics has been the trusted partner keeping airlines around the world updated and compliant. Our solution for EFBs continues that tradition, moving commercial airlines into the paperless age efficiently and painlessly,” he added.

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