Massive overseas sales growth underlines Vistair's International credentials

18 Nov 2014
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With commercial airline clients in every continent exports now account for over half of turnover at leading UK-based software specialists

Overseas business now accounts for more than half of all sales at Vistair Systems, the leading supplier of specialist software to the global commercial airline industry.

Working initially with UK-based airlines, including BA, and Ryanair, Vistair’s client base now spans every continent with export sales growth of 850 per cent in just six years.

Vistair is the leader in the provision of bespoke, web-based safety, efficiency and compliance solutions for flight operations management, delivering the best possible technology to help airlines to streamline their operations and grow.

Underlining this growing international presence, back in 2007/08 overseas sales accounted for just a quarter of Vistair’s business.

Today that figure has risen to just over half (53 per cent).

To meet this demand headcount has also steadily grown from eight people to over 100, including experienced developers and administrators, now working at Vistair’s Bristol-based UK headquarters.

The company was founded by MD Ian Herbert who said: “What sets us apart from the competition is not just our relentless focus on the developing ever-more sophisticated ways to improve operational effectiveness, but our singular commitment to the aviation industry over any other sectors.

“So, whilst most other software houses offer generic ‘off the shelf’ solutions, every Vistair product has been meticulously tested and developed in tandem with airlines themselves, ensuring they are fit for purpose and optimised to meet the very specific pressures and challenges faced by aviation professionals.”

In terms of its approach to international growth Vistair’s strategy is simple: offer the same leading edge technology, backed with expertise and excellent customer service, no matter what the client’s location.

“As we’ve grown and started working with more and more clients from around the world we have only really had to make very slight adjustments,” continued Ian Herbert.

“It is our total focus on the commercial airline industry coupled with our track record of delivering innovative solutions that help our clients run their operations more effectively and, ultimately, add value to the bottom line that has been the catalyst for growth, both at home in the UK and abroad.”

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