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24 Oct 2013
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Virgin Australia selects DocuNet to support flight operations documentation

Brisbane-based Virgin Australia has chosen DocuNet for the management, control and distribution of all its airline flight operations manuals, including OEM manuals for its A330 fleet and Virgin Australia's own legacy manuals. An existing customer having previously implemented DocuNet ‘Lite’ in 2013, Virgin Australia chose to upgrade to the full-service capability following the acquisition of Tigerair Australia earlier in 2014, also a user of DocuNet and CrewNet customer since 2013.

Virgin Australia, with routes to 71 destinations in 13 countries, recognised the need for a fully managed solution for all its flight documentation. The objective was to  reduce time taken for staff to manage manual content or be burdened with defining manual structure and page layouts. By choosing DocuNet, Virgin Australia will benefit from Vistair’s specialised in-house team, eradicating the need to handle frequent Airbus revisions, thus saving both time and money.

Converting existing documents to XML

Having previously edited their manuals in PDF format, Virgin Australia’s manuals were limited to a number of outputs. They recognised the need for existing OEM and operational manual material to be in a common and transportable format. Consequently, converting manuals into structured XML meant they would be available on the latest transportable technologies such as tablets and phones, thereby providing extra convenience for pilots. 

An initial concern focused upon the time it would take to convert manuals but this was overcome  as Vistair had already started the manipulation of documentation. Vistair’s in-house team of publishing experts ensure a coherence and consistency of the material as well as facilitating delivery of the updated content to multi-platform designations.

A simple update and maintenance process

By implementing the DocuNet full service all amendment instructions are now passed directly to the Vistair team through a simple online process with no requirement for any purchase of any software and minimal user familiarisation. The service also includes the use of the Airbus comparison tool – developed by Vistair – for the rapid and simple handling and resolution of Airbus document updates, including customisations.

“Virgin Australia is an important Vistair customer and we are wholly-committed to supporting their business operations going forward. Neither distance nor geography are issues once the full DocuNet service is in place.” said Ian Herbert, CEO, Vistair. He goes on to say: “Our continued investment in industry-leading technology benefits Virgin Australia in many ways and our aim is to ensure DocuNet remains the leading product in the sector. Additionally, and of most importance to all airlines, our expert capabilities will support Virgin Australia’s regulatory and compliance requirements”.

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