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easyJet selects DocuNet

20 Jul 2012
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easyJet selects DocuNet to support flight operations documentation management


Europe’s fourth-largest airline, easyJet has chosen DocuNet as its comprehensive solution for the control and distribution of all flight operation manuals to their A319 and A320 fleets. The agreement strengthens an existing relationship with the UK-based airline following a successful integration of Vistair’s safety management software solution, SafetyNet, across easyJet’s entire fleet in 2010.

The easyJet organisation, which operates across 600 routes to more than 30 countries, recognised the need to secure a documentation management solution that would reduce the time poor and labour-intensive in-house process currently in place. The DocuNet approach has fundamentally changed the way easyJet is now able to deliver OEM and regulatory manual revisions to both the crew and EFB platforms, whilst also yielding savings in both time and administration costs. 

Keeping pace with Airbus version control

Version and quality control was essential for the UK-based airline, particularly when keeping pace with the latest Airbus revisions across its mixed fleet. One of DocuNet’s pioneering features, the Airbus comparison tool, permitted the efficient editing and change control management of all of easyJet’s manuals, eliminating issues regarding conflicting XML data and format variances. This is an enormous time saver for the business.

Centralised cloud-based library

In addition, DocuNet implementation has allowed for easyJet to rationalise its operational library of mission-critical content to one centralised cloud-based repository for instant and collaborative access. This eradicates the need for IT infrastructure, additional servers and software licenses.

Ian Herbert, CEO, Vistair comments: "easyJet changed the face of commercial flying 20 years ago and has always been an innovative and pioneering airline. We are extremely pleased to be selected for the management of their documents and we aim to build on this in the coming years. The clear overlap in our specialisms confirms my belief that DocuNet is the perfect document solution for easyJet.”

Since implementing DocuNet easyjet has seen a huge improvement in speed of manual revision delivery across its fleet whilst also benefiting from a reduction in administrative costs.

For further information about DocuNet CLICK HERE.

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