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British Airways expands cloud-based manuals system with Vistair

1 Jun 2012
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Contract expanded to include manuals for A380 and Boeing 787, Airbus XML versions, and manuals for cabin crew and ground operations.

British Airways has renewed its contract with Vistair to provide and manage electronic flight operations manuals for its entire fleet.

BA has also expanded that contract to provide manuals for the forthcoming Airbus A380, the Boeing “Dreamliner” 787, and for cabin crews and ground operations.

Having first appointed Vistair to provide electronic manuals services in 2005, this is the third renewal and expansion of the BA contract.

The new agreement also sees Vistair providing and maintaining 85 different cloud-based e-manuals, covering all BA’s 236 aircraft, spanning 13 different types.

Vistair was also charged with delivering the vital quick reference handbooks (QRHs) in 87 different versions of the Airbus A320 operated by BA, working from the new Airbus XML computer formula.

According to Vistair’s Managing Director, Ian Herbert: “This was a feat of document engineering, as these manuals were created in record time from the labyrinthine Airbus XML master data and BA’s SOP’s ”.

New to the latest contract with Vistair is BA’s need for e-manuals for the Airbus A380 and Boeing’s 787 “Dreamliner” – and the addition of manuals for cabin crew and ground staff.

Janice Barr, British Airways’ Operational Data Manager said: “Since 2005, Vistair has provided British Airways with an e-manuals solution. This cutting-edge technology gives us the most advanced and efficient access to flight operations documents.

“Extending these systems to our new A380 and B787 aircraft means that customers will continue to benefit from our investment in onboard technology”, she added.

Vistair’s MD, Ian Herbert said “British Airways was one of the earliest users of Vistair’s cloud-based e-manuals service, delivering a state of the art technical publications operation.

“The BA team with whom we work is the most visionary and innovative in the industry, and Vistair’s partnership with BA is moving into new territories to improve manual delivery and services, and set higher standards in documentation to boost the airline’s safety efficiency.

“Meanwhile, our customer portfolio has expanded to feature many of the world’s foremost airlines, while our products have also expanded to provide the SafetyNet cloud-based service used by many airlines and every British military aircraft, and our Flightdeck Logistics service that delivers paper manuals and key documents to every flight-deck and crew room”, said Mr Herbert.

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