Vistair - Common challenges manipulate Boeing Airbus XML

Vistair Insight: Common Challenges Your Publishing Department Faces When Manipulating Boeing & Airbus XML

Download Vistair's insight Common challenges your publishing department face manipulating Boeing and Airbus XML data

A free Vistair Insight to understand some common challenges airlines face when manipulating Airbus & Boeing XML

XML is the technological language of choice with regard to aviation documentation. Most OEM manuals are produced in an XML format for ease of EFB integration and to comply with regulations airlines face to keep their documents up-to-date.

David Hedley, Vistair's Chief Technical Officer, looks at the value of understanding how XML works and what capabilities are required in order to maintain such manuals.

This insight looks at:

  • The skill of XML publishing
  • Handling formatting structure
  • Implementing manual revisions 
  • Incorporating XML tables
  • And more
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