Vistair’s Home – A focus on improving our innovation and delivery environment.

Vistair’s Home – A focus on improving our innovation and delivery environment.

We are very proud of our Bristol heritage and how the Vistair business has developed over the past 16 years.

However in the last couple of years we realised that our home was perhaps not as conducive as it should be to our employees nor indeed our clients. This had to change.

We therefore worked with a local office design specialist, Interactive, to study how we could better use our space and refresh it in a way that matched both our ambitions and the expectations of our colleagues and our clients.

It is pleasing to report that following an intensive and extremely messy redevelopment the Vistair home is nearly complete. This has of course not been without some pain, multiple rehousing of personnel and the obligatory lost property!

The result however is particularly satisfying. We have new meeting rooms and meeting environments, improved décor, an improved VOIP phone system (currently being installed) and enhanced business-client interaction capabilities. So we can safely believe that we’ll be satisfied… until the next time!

Of greater importance is the positive benefit it will give to our teams who now work in a better environment and one that is totally supportive of our client’s development and / or service requirements. Our DocuNet services team for instance has been housed in a space that is fully supportive of a setting that requires concentration and focus.

In the coming months we will be inviting more and more of our clients to our offices in order to take part in workshops and meetings that form the backbone of project delivery and development. The Knowledge Days due to commence later in the year are an extension of this.

We look forward to welcoming many of you to our offices in the coming months.

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