Single Sign On – Why Single Sign on is good for your business

Single Sign On – Why Single Sign on is good for your business

Single Sign on ('SSO') is a method of accessing multiple applications using a single set of Login credentials (i.e. Name and password).

As part of the service the access rights are determined to ensure application access is correct for that uers' predefined role.

Top benefits of Single Sign On

1. Security

At a wider level controlled access to internal and third party authorised systems is an essential aspect of cyber security and SSO provides an internally managed and monitored system of supporting this specific requirement.

In addition as organisations start to implement much stronger security solutions (two-factor authentication – complexity of passwords and ‘bot’ proof confirmations) such policies can be monitored and controlled centrally. This is especially supportive where data and information on people, businesses and commercials forms part of the businesses intellectual property.

2. Access Speed – Boosts Productivity

In most organisations there are multiple third party and developed applications. An SSO solution ensures that access and control to each can be authorised from a single internal point. As a result there is more immediate access to all systems needed which supports work efficiency.

3. Reduces Help Desk Costs SSO reduces the need to memorize multiple passwords.

This has a knock on effect of reducing the amount of time your ‘help desks’ have to devote to user memory lapses.

For large organisations with multiple users and multiple systems this can result in a significant reduction in your help desk costs and an increase in help desk efficiency, where the focus will be on more complex IT infrastructure requirements.

4. User Memory

The simple fact is that the time spent remembering and managing multiple passwords is exhausting so implementing a one-stop SSO solution takes some of stress out of at least one aspect of this modern requirement.

5. Compliance

It is recognised in the majority of IT environments that implementing a SSO solution not only boosts security but has the additional benefit of supporting a more compliance-focused organisation.

Regulations and controls are a huge part of most organisations. In a compliance wary environment the need to provide solutions that support a process and order that assists this necessity is essential.

6. Reduce employee stress

Reducing staff stress in order to support optimum interaction is an objective of all businesses. In an IT-riddled world reducing the barriers to trade and / or work is essential.

SSO is just one method of reducing workplace stress – and especially for those that interact with an organisation on the web.

Making it easy and secure is essential…and such aims are not mutually exclusive!

Next Steps

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