DocuNet - A year in review

DocuNet - A year in review, with a clinet base of nearly 60 airlines and 2000 manuals

Even by our own high standards 2014 was an exceptional year for the team running our best in class DocuNet service, and 2015 is set to be just as successful:


We were busier than ever looking after our client base of nearly 60 airlines around the world, turning around over 9000 Document tasks and looking after a library of around 2000 manuals.


The Document Services Department grew by 16%, with new members of the team completing our newly-updated Induction Programme quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Induction programme

We know how big an asset our people are and recognise the importance of ensuring our new team members receive the best possible start to their career at Vistair. With that in mind, we have been busy developing and refining our Induction Programme.

New members of our Document Services Team are quickly put through their paces and expected to learn about Vistair, its client base, the services and then the actual hands on experience of working with documents.

Training plans

We will expand our editing team’s skills and ensure appropriate training is readily available in order to:

  • Produce a multi-skilled and highly motivated documents workforce
  • Ensure up to date skills
  • Expand knowledge base within the teams.
  • Understand and implement customer requirements efficiently and effectively.

New contract

The Customer Support team and Technical team have been kept busy with the on boarding of our most recent international airline client; Scandinavia’s largest airline, SAS.

As with all our clients, we have worked closely with the airline to ensure all requirements are met, delivering confidence in Vistair’s ability to maintain their manual suite.

We have ensured the milestones that have been agreed, have been met and therefore achieving as seamless a transition as possible. The relationship is growing and the foundations are there for an excellent ongoing relationship with the airline.

To enable us to supply the best possible service and take control of the documents for SAS as quickly as we can, we devised a process for converting the documents from their format to the one we have agreed. This has speeded up the process and therefore has taken some pressure off of the airline.

We have begun returning some of the manuals to SAS and the feedback has been extremely positive with the results they have seen so far.


Vistair hosted a number of customer audits last year, including British Midland Regional, easyJet and TAG. Emirates and Flydubai were completed as desktop audits.

With the employment of our new Quality Manager, Vistair has gone from strength to strength improving our internal processes that enable customer requirements to be fulfilled.

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