Challenges to paperless flight decks

Challenges to paperless flight decks

There’s no doubt that one of the most exciting recent developments in flight deck management has been the advent of touch-screen technology and application of handheld devices as part of Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs).

For our clients this has presented a fantastic opportunity to place Vistair’s advanced software solutions right at the heart of their operations using iPads, toughbooks and (soon we promise) iPhones and Android devices. 

In just four years iPads and, increasingly, their Android counterparts, have transformed flight decks to the point where traditional hardcopy manuals have all but been replaced by digital versions, vastly improving efficiency. 

In short, tablet technology is ubiquitous and paperless flight decks are here. But whilst this innovation brings tremendous benefits in terms of efficiency and running costs, it also throws up brand new challenges. 

Everyone has an anecdotes about their struggles with IT, from dropping their morning coffee over a keyboard to being on the verge of taking a hammer to an unresponsive PC only to discover at the last minute that it wasn’t plugged in. 

And of course we all know the old mantra “have you tried turning it off and on again?” 

And now airlines are finding out the hard(ware) way that simply doing away with paper-based systems and deploying tablet devices won’t work. What is required is carefully planned fleet management of their EFB hardware to ensure both compliance and effectiveness. 

What’s more, airlines must also take the necessary steps to ensure their assets are fully functioning and fully utilised. 

Another challenge airlines must face is the practical deployment of their EFB assets onto the flight-decks. 

Building on our decades of global flight-deck logistics experience, managing content and assets directly to flight-decks, we’ve created a brand new, full management service package to deliver EFB devices, including content software and hardware devices, directly into pilots’ hands. 

Just give us a call to find out more about how Vistair can provide solutions to your global EFB flight deck logistics issues.

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